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«The fabulous and unique Atlantic crossing , 3000 nautic miles WITH NO NAVIGATION INSTRUMENTS on a 600 pds wooden outrigger ! No compass, no watch, no GPS or Sextant, no radio, no receiver, no chart and not one book...»

 Micromégas V, expedition "The 51 islands..."

 Micromegas 5 : dismasting narrowly avoided before Barbados

We will leave for a year of exploration around the Atlantic on a prototype tiny 4.96m, a catamaran with no draft, no keel or drift. We will write two books on board and run as a habit in our adventure film in the mode of HAPPENING ... The theme of the expedition: "The 51 islands ..."


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Les mutins de la mer The mutineers of the sea

In 2001, Emmanuel and Maximilien BERQUE published "Les mutins de la mer" edited by Robert Laffont that they describe as : «The tribulations of two non-conformists searching for freedom, if it exists !: »

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  The crossing

Follow the crossing with a daily analysis of the expedition's progression taken from satellite information with weather and ocean conditions.

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